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This is the Graypow Award which has been presented to the sites listed on this page


Eleven of the world's best websites for senior citizens form the Graypow Network.
They are:-

    The Life of Riley
CANADA:   Canadian Senior Years
SOUTH AFRICA:   Life Begins at 80 (network key site)
UNITED STATES:   Pencil Stubs Online
    Dad's Tomato Garden Journal
    Suddenly Senior

All Network sites publish or link to at least one of Eric Shackle's stories each month.

These days, millions of senior citizens enjoy exploring the Internet, and hundreds of websites are offering them valuable guidance. As publishers of the world's first multi-national e-book, LIFE BEGINS AT 80, we believe we should encourage these admirable youngsters (hey, some of them are only in their 50s!) So we have great pleasure in presenting GRAYPOW awards to the outstanding Gray Power websites listed below.

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Pencil Stubs Online is a monthly literary e-zine, publishing stories and poems submitted by anyone meeting its broad guidelines. Established in 1998, it enables professional and amateur authors and poets to share their work and creativity, as well as providing exceptional reading and entertainment.

"In addition, you can write on our 'Wall', or read our serialized stories." says co-founder and editor Mary E Adair, of Monahans, a town known as "the oasis of the West Texas desert."

The other co-founder, Michael L. Craner, is its administrator/webmaster. His "hobby" company Awen Web Services, is based near Stark City, Missouri, where he works a "day job", scoutmasters, handles numerous websites and resells web hosting.


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"Come in and join us in front of the fireplace. We just brewed a fresh pot of coffee for you. We have gathered inspirational stories and interviews of success and good deeds from people just like you and us. Enjoy Them!" says FeelGoodStories founder, Marie Svistunovs, a warmhearted French-Canadian whose home is near Toronto, Ontario.


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The Online, Monthly Journal by, for and about Wise Elders

Bonzer! is a high-class and lively free, monthly on-line Australian journal by, for and about seniors (called Wise Elders). It's packed with interesting articles from intelligent writers.

Run by volunteers, its editors, writers and readers live in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Canada, Holland and India. The editor lives in Melbourne, Victoria, and the webmaster in Beaudesert, Queensland.

"Bonzer! tends to be a quasi-literary journal, but has no pretensions," says editor Alan Wheatley. "We simply publish what we consider to be good writing, both fiction and non-fiction, from seniors."


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This site is specifically designed for Canadians over 50. Here, says editor Ericka Hardy, you will find the best information, news and Canadian site links available for seniors on the web. In addition, she provides a place for seniors to gather and trade information through their email pals and single seniors listings, discussion boards, senior web ring and talent page. Memorials can be posted at no cost. Ericka welcomes and will display editorials or articles sent to her if she feels they would interest other seniors. She also produces a free informative and fun newsletter delivered via e-mail once a month.

The website, based in Owen Sound, Ontario, features a wide range of articles catering for all tastes.


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The daily webzine Open Writing offers interesting new stories seven days a week from writers in many countries. It's the brainchild of retired UK journalist Peter Hinchliffe, who has worked for leading newspapers in Britain and the United States. 

Launching the website, he wrote: "For the past eight years I have been enjoying the words, written and spoken, of the members of a University of the Third Age class called Remember When, which I run.

"The class was founded on the belief - amply confirmed - that everyone has vivid experiences during their lives which are worth recounting. Recalling what schooldays were like - along with work, early family life, military service, etc. - is always good fun. So this is what ... Open Writing is all about."


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Age-Net, "Britain's biggest and best age related web-site," rightly calls itself "the 'Age Friendly' site for today's Over 50s."

Webmaster and editor Bob Salmon says: "Take a look at our lively new forum which invites new users - novices or experts - to share our community spirit. Share a joke, ask a technical question or have a dig at Tony Blair. Over 12,000 postings in the first two months tells you how popular this forum has become.

"Please take a few minutes to explore the site. You will find everything from our readers' own Art to Vintage motoring. All reader contributions - art, literature, poetry or whatever are invited and if you can't find something here that interests you please let us know and we will see if we can't introduce it for you!"



Australian seniors, senior citizens, retirees, those about to retire and looking for retirement planning, veterans, pensioners and carers, and baby boomer children of older parents will find our comprehensive listing of information and links extremely valuable. Here are the links of interest for seniors to federal and state government departments, national and state associations, community service groups, aged care and retirement village living, as well as to seniors’ lifestyle interests such as computing, wellbeing, finance, hobbies, sport and travel.

Dad's Tomato Garden Journal

Tomato grower Ray White, 94 is America's oldest blogger. Born September 2 1913.

Posting everything regarding my Gardens. Rain fall-Tempeatures-Times of first frost-Time of first plantings & other happenings in my daily life.

Wake up and shine. We have been doing pretty good so far this week and we don't want to spoil it now.

I already have the tea and coffee ready, and you know what you are supposed to do, so do it. Just come on in here and sit down by old Dad in that rocker and we can chat a little while we enjoy our tea or coffee, that would be nice.

It makes me hot here at 4:25 a.m. just to read that weather prediction below, 100 for today and 101 for thursday.

The Life of Riley




Hi everyone. It’s still Ollie’s birthday… for another two hours. My hope is to post you the day’s events before the clock strikes midnight.

Hopefully Ollies’ long a-bed. She must be truly exhausted by all the fun and games.

The weekly Internet column Suddenly Senior speaks seriously to and about 60 million Americans often overlooked by media and advertisers. The Internet magazine,, features humor and hope for those 50 and over who 'became senior before their time.'

"That's all of us," says 64-year-old Frank Kaiser, the site's writer, editor and 'chief bottle washer.' "Even the thousands of Boomers who now daily join the senior ranks need someone to echo their deepest feelings, hopes and fears -- someone reporting from the front lines of the profound experience of becoming a geezer and enjoying it. Suddenly Senior provides that voice with warmth, humor, clarity and in-your-face honesty."


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, adults 50+ represent 76 million people, 28% of the total U.S. population and 37% of the population 18+. Demographic trends associated with the aging of the baby boomer population, plus gains in longevity, will grow the 50+ market to over 106 million by 2015 when they will account for 45% of the adult population. Seniors are, and will become even more, a market, social and political force to be reckoned with and hence a very attractive community to a range of advertisers and marketing sponsors.
- From Suddenly Senior

A survey two years ago by Age Concern and Microsoft put the number of over-50s "silver surfers" in Britain at 4.5m - and the figure is believed to have risen considerably since then. "Some old people just don't have an interest in IT, which is fine," a spokeswoman for Age Concern said. "But it is not a technology exclusively for the young." Asked what advice the charity would give a 67-year-old technophobe, she said: "He should understand the internet is a great way for older people to make their lives easier - online shopping or communicating easily with grandchildren and friends around the world".
- The Guardian (London)

Old age begins and middle age ends
The day your descendants outnumber your friends.
- Ogden Nash


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