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HEY, MATE, IT'S YOUR SHOUT! Then and Now No. 11

Extract from an Australasian colonial newspaper, with modern links

[To shout: to buy a round of drinks (Australian slang)]


135 YEARS AGO. An Anti-Shouting Society has been formed in Oamaru, the object of which is to discontinue the practice of "shouting" at the bars of hotels. The association is regularly constituted, and we notice the names of several influential persons on the list of members.

Each member is bound by a legal bond, under the penalty of 10, not to "shout" for any person, nor accept any drink that is not paid for by himself. The contract is to continue for twelve months. - Lyttelton Times, New Zealand, 1868.

32 YEARS AGO. A road safety organisation wants legislation to limit the "shouting" of drinks in licensed premises. The Victorian Motorists' Safe-Driving Association sees the move as a means of reducing the road toll and as a "desirable moral measure." - The Australian (Sydney), 1971.



Take time out to read the hilarious contents of these two websites:

and you can see a copy of the Lyttelton Times, September 27, 1851, HERE

Copyright 2003

Eric Shackle

Story first posted May 2003

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