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What was probably the world's first egg hole-in-one contest was held on September 27 at the Stonehedge Golf Course in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin (US) as a charity fund-raiser. Each contestant stood 100 yards from a special hole dug in the fairway, and strove valiantly to hurl a fresh egg into the cup.

According to the rules, the winner had to get at least part of both shell and liquid into the hole. A car dealer offered a new Chrysler as the prize, and a local golf coach was the sole judge. The competition was limited to 200 participants.

Here's what happened, as recounted to us in an email from George Bisbee, of Eames Farm, who supplied fresh eggs for the contest ("We had to be careful in case some smart guy might have tried to substitute a hardboiled egg," he said).

Despite adverse weather conditions (wind out of the northwest, causing contestants throwing into it and cool temperatures), the winning distance for the egg throw was 208ft 5in by Brian Gilmore of Nashotah, Wisconsin. Needless to say, the throw was 91ft 7in short of the golf hole.

The winner of the long drive golf contest was Gary Steinhauer of Verona, Wisconsin with a drive of 279 yards.

Despite the weather conditions a good time was had by all and we raised over $800 between the competitions and corporate contribution toward the student scholarship.

Maybe golf clubs around the world will hold similar egg hole-in-one contests to entertain members and visitors on charity fund-raising days. To make it easier for the prize to be won, contestants could be lined up closer to the hole, and have to throw underarm.

When we first heard about the hole-in-one contest rules, we wondered whether anyone could possibly throw an egg 100 yards. Last month we reported that the world record for throwing a fresh egg (to be caught unbroken) was the almost incredible distance of 323ft. 2in. (107yd. 2ft. 2in.), achieved in Jewett, Texas, back in 1978.

Reader Robert Weinert responded: "Was wondering about an egg toss of ... 100 yards. Professional football quarterbacks probably cannot toss a football the length of a playing field. Don't you think there is something amiss? Was the egg hard-boiled? A hard-boiled egg can be fresh. Did they use a sling shot?"

But George Bisbee told us (before the Egg Harbor event), "The owner of the golf course has already attempted a practice round and has come close." Note: the Texan eggs had to be caught intact, but no catchers were required for the Wisconsin eggs, which splattered when they landed.

Anyone thinking of holding an egg hole-in-one contest should realise that, as with orthodox golfing holes-in-one, there's no guarantee there'll be a winner, unless they make it "nearest the pin." But one thing is for certain: the judge, positioned near the hole, will surely end up with egg on his face!


In Victoria, Australia, the Falls Creek Ski Resort has promoted what it calls an Eggstraordinary Egg Toss every Easter since 1992, when 40 teams took part in seven heats (if that's the right word for alpine temperatures).

Brothers Ben and Tim Holt, from Jindera, won the final with a throw of 62 metres (67.8 yards), which, like their egg, has never been beaten, although it was far below the world record. The Holt brothers were awarded a five-day winter holiday for two, including accommodation and meals at Trackers Mountain Lodge, plus ski hire, ski lift tickets and resort entry.

In 1993 visiting cricketers from Albury, New South Wales, won the contest. Their young sons were last year's winners.

FOOTNOTE: Searching the internet, we found an ideal trophy for an egg hole-in-one world championship. You can see it HERE.


Story first posted October 2004

Copyright 2004

Eric Shackle

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