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Author, publisher now on speaking terms


The author of this e-book, Eric Shackle in Sydney, Australia, and its publisher, Barry Downs in Kimberley, South Africa, have never shaken hands. They ran into one another on the internet in 1999. Since then, they have exchanged thousands of emails, and have become close yet distant friends.

Last week, while preparing this 71st edition of their e-book, they spoke to each other for the first time, taking advantage of two marvellous new services, Google Talk and Skype, which make available unlimited free telephone calls to computer users joining their networks. Literally millions of subscribers around the world have already joined up. (Once you've registered, you can speak to any of their other subscribers.)

It's often said that to become famous (and rich), authors have to indulge in shameless self-promotion. We doubt whether we'll ever be famous or rich, but we'd like to skite (boast) a little.

Praise from one's peers is best of all, which explains why we were particularly chuffed (pleased) to read an email from Peter Hinchliffe, founder/editor of the world's most interesting daily webzine, Open Writing. Peter is a veteran British journalist who has worked on newspapers in the US, Kenya and the UK.

He also loves good food. Only the other day he wrote: "I've eaten couscous in Tunis. Squid served in its own ink in Hermosillo, Mexico. Roast goat in the deserts of Kenya. Fried rattlesnake in Texas. Birds' nest soup in Hong Kong. Frogs' legs in Montreal. Pigeons coated in icing sugar in Casablanca. And lived to tell the tale."

Anyway, this is his unsolicited testimonial: "I have yet to find a site that interests me as much as your e-book. A huge range of fascinating material featured there. The whole thing is the work of a civilised mind."

New York computer guru Steve R. White wrote: "What a wonderful website you've put together! Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world."

And here are comments entered in our GuestMap last month:

What a great site. Have been reading off and on through AWAD for a while now.
- Brendan, Perth, Western Australia.

Hi! Here I am. Again...
- Dativo Moutinho, Rio de janeiro, Brasil.

I am glad I found Eric. I love the info provided and the unique news he provides through his website and book.
- Rebecca, Davenport, Iowa, USA.

What fun!
- Brian E. Homan, Middletown, Ohio, USA.

Love the site - thanks for the hard work you put into it.
- Seawolfe, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA.

Beaut site digger
- Sadsak, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.

Always good to visit this box of tricks.
- Terry Herbert, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Here's a Helenism for you. Skating on thin ice. You're in hot water. Skating on hot water.
- Anne Coe, Apache Junction, Arizona, USA.

Hi Eric, great articles on your site as usual. Site looks cool. Hadn't been here for months.. Have a nice day!
- Harshavardhan Bhide, Bangalore, India.

Interesting & educational. Thanks
- Randy, Jackson, Michigan, USA.

Found a word that rhymes with orange
- Michael, Nebraska, USA. [Well, what is it, Michael?]

Just found you. Look forward to reading your site in the future!
- Mary. UK.

Wonderful site. I came across you on This is worth a look, folks.
- Cree, Newcastle, England.

I have a 'wordsworth' of daffodils in my garden - link from my daily fix -
- Judy, Mangaroa, New Zealand.

Diverted from Lakelandcam, a fantastic site of my beloved Lake District! Off to bed now will look more closely at yours tomorrow now 0058hrs!
- Martin Davies, Christchurch, Dorset, England.

Our grateful thanks to all our virtual guests for their messages. If you would like to add your comments, just click on GuestMap.


Story first posted September 2006

Copyright 2006

Eric Shackle

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