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Spammer deplores the ice of silence

As a rule, we trash spam emails without reading them, but we couldn't resist looking at this one, which seems to have taken two years to reach us, as we didn't receive it until June 2005:

From: Mohammed Yousaf
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 2:28 AM
Subject: production and supply of all kind football.

Hello My Dear .
Trusting you will be ok. Please refer to our previous corespondent by e-mail , But still we are quite deprived from your valued comments.

You are reliable and famous dealer of our line, therefore we are knocking at your door again and again in hope for trial order. Your long silence is highly painful for us.Perhaps you are not feeling our interesting with your company.

Its may be our quality and workmanship better from your present supplier.Our first supply convince you. We do not boast on our art-work,Our quality work self speak that we have much experience in this line.

We hope that now you will break the ice of silence and grant us a chance of service.

Your urgent attention by return would oblige.
Sincere Best Wishes For You.
Most sincerely
Mr. yousaf janjua
Tripple 'Y' international

Wondering what "all kind football" referred to, we googled "yousaf janjua," and found this message, which reveals that Mr Yousaf also sells leather gloves:

Posted by Mr.Yousaf on June 12, 19103 at 17:53:26:
In Reply to: Working gloves posted by Helen C on July 12, 19102 at 11:12:23:

Dear sir,
Trusting you will be ok.

We make LEATHER GLOVES OF ALL KINDS in standard quality.
Please contact us and let us know your specified item and we will quote you better price.

The experience of many years in the construction of leather gloves. we can provide to you free counter sample for your kind approval.

Expecting your hopeful response by e-mail.

kind regards,
Most sincerely
Mr. yousaf janjua
Tripple 'Y' international
Neka-pura sialkot-pakistan

Eager to know more about Mr Y, we found this email, dated 2001, posted on a message site:


This message was posted by kaleem yousaf janjua, posted on September 23, 2001 at 07:32:27

i want to go usa canda austrlia spain

Sorry, Mr Y, we don't sell boots or gloves, although we've written stories about boots on trees and football played at towns called Rugby, which perhaps explains how we got on your spam mailing list. But, all things considered, we think we'll maintain the ice of silence.

Story first posted July 2005

Copyright 2005

Eric Shackle

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