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To mark our first anniversary, we e-mailed the many webmasters around the world whose sites have been linked to form this unique eBook, plus a few others associated with the project, thanking them for their friendly and helpful co-operation. Here are their replies:

From Stewart McCrae, who once won a Walkley Award as Australian Cartoonist of the Year, and who in 1947 was Best Man at Jerry and Eric Shackle's wedding:
Congratulations on the anniversary of "the world's first multi-national eBook" My contribution was, in fact a cartoon I drew for Eric's 80th birthday. The success of 'Life begins at 80...on the Internet', is just that, testimony to the fact that life can, indeed, begin at 80. Whoever said there are no old editors? (or cartoonists?) Once again congrats and look forward to the coming decades with your same quirky eye. Cheers.
Stewart McCrae, Sydney, Australia.

From renowned U.S. wordsmith Anu Garg, whose A Word A Day free newsletter delights nearly half a million subscribers around the world:
Congratulations on the first anniversary of your eBook. It's an ever-expanding collection of stories that make us think, laugh, and learn. Your worldwide success is a testament of your eclectic content. It's no wonder your eBook's popularity is soaring every month. Best wishes for its continued success.
Anu Garg
Columbus, Ohio, USA

From Pat Solley, who probably knows more about soup than anyone else in the world. Her Soupsong website has hundreds of recipes, stories, songs, and jokes on that subject:
Best first anniversary wishes to webmaster Barry and raconteur Eric on your e-xtraordinary eBook. With soupbowl raised high, I propose a toast to your future cyberambling...and many happy returns of the day.
Pat Solley
Washington, DC, USA

From David Brewer, who produces an informative local newsletter for residents of  Brookmans Park, near London (England):
Congratulations on the eBook Eric and in particular bringing our local Brookmans Park story of Miss Moffat [?Little Miss Muffet] to a world-wide audience. Good luck as you continue to dig for stories online - it is a rich seam you are mining. Cheers.
David Brewer
Brookmans Park, UK

From William Tunstall-Pedoe,  Britain's Anagram Genius, who supplies hundreds of computer-generated anagrams of anyone's name free on request:
Happy Birthday "the world's first multi-national eBook"! We've been very honoured to host the Newspaper Nonsense chapter on our (British) site. Good luck and may the traffic keep rising!
William Tunstall-Pedoe
Cambridge, England

From David Ricquish, Talkback Editor, NZ DX Times, Wellington, New Zealand, who has an amazing fund of facts about radio stations around the world:
Congratulations! Good luck with the anniversary issue. Recent world events have seen people from America to Afghanistan turning to shortwave radio to get a better viewpoint. Whether we prefer new or old technology, we can always learn from efforts such as Eric's multinational eBook. Explore the world of shortwave radio whilst reading, and enjoy the benefits of both.
David Ricquish
Wellington, New Zealand

From Ron Davis, who lives in a San Francisco suburb called Brisbane, the name of Australia's third largest city:
Everything is great here in Brisbane California! We just had elections and voted down public power by a 4 to 1 margin. I have completed and opened "MADHOUSE COFFEE" here on the main street. It is located below our real estate company "Ron Davis & Company Real Estate". We will be having some Brisbane related items for sale as well as some other fun stuff! Check it out at We also still have which should get a face lift soon.
Ron Davis.

From Pat Tillery, whose KilroyWasHere website has a tremendous amount of wartime information, history and anecdotes, of special interest to ex-service men and women:
Congratulations on your anniversary! Your contributions to KilroyWasHere are among the most popular. Your ebook and site remain my favorites. Keep up the good work!
Pat Tillery, Pensacola, Florida, USA

From author and publisher Squadron Leader David Berry (retired), a long-serving pilot in Britain's R.A.F. (1951-91) who has a fund of amusing anecdotes:
Congratulations on an anniversary that is far less in number than those birthdays that you are counting off. I hope that at the age of 80+ I'll have your enthusiasm - only 12+ years to the test! I invite your 'readers' to my web site - a DIY job about a small DIY enterprise. I write the books - I lay them out - I get them printed - I market them! All this might be an inspiration to you with 'that book inside'. Good luck to Eric and all his supporters.
David Berry

From David Bennoson, editor, Cheltweb News, Cheltenham, England, whose website links places in other countries named after his beautiful home town:
Yes, Eric Shackle is the inspiration behind the world's first multi-national eBook but he was also one of the great inspirers and contributor to our Cheltenham, England web site. Congratulations Eric on a great achievement.
David Bennoson, Editor Cheltweb News.

From Julie Cromwell,  volunteer coordinator of the Morgan County Home Page, in Tennessee (U.S.):
GREETINGS FROM MORGAN COUNTY! Our pages consist of genealogy information and some history of our area. You are invited to visit our pages. I would be very honored to have you sign our guest book. I hope you will enjoy your visit to our beautiful part of the world!!
Julie Cromwell

From John L Raybould, whose English websites cater for a wide range of people: army types, Rotarians, Austin-Healey fans....:
I'm delighted to be invited to add a few words to celebrate the first anniversary of "the world's first multi-national eBook"  As a 1980s Territorial Army Company Commander the use of computers was apparent to me but not the Commanding Officer. "I don't know how anyone can know about these things." An application form for the loan of a PC, submitted to Battalion HQ, was simply filed! If he were alive now I wonder what he would think.
John L Raybould, Attleborough, England

From Barbara Runion, freelance writer, ccommunity newspaper columnist and nature lover, who works in Washington, DC:
Eric Shackle is my mentor. He encouraged me to become a professional writer. My writings are of nature, wildlife and history. My hope is that readers will develop a better understanding of and appreciation for our planet and all living things.
Barbara J. Runion
Hyattsville, Maryland, USA ("Potpourri")

From TV Hagenah, editor, Fowler Tribune, Fowler, Colorado, whose first name really is TV, and who has worked on more than 20 U.S. newspapers:
I am honored to be in such company as the Tombstone Epitaph, Fairplay Flume and Solid Muldoon. Newspapering is as exciting a profession as exists and chronicling the names of newspapers captures the uniqueness of the people who call the profession their own. It is a wonderful salute. You are good people Eric and Barry.
TV Hagenah,
Fowler Tribune, Fowler, Colorado, USA   

From Margie McClelland, webmaster of Wildprints, and wife of outback artist Chris, who manages a sheep station (ranch) in Australia and sketches wildlife in Africa:
Eric Shackle is a most extraordinary man who is able to communicate so freely over the Internet to open up a new world for himself and other isolated people who are now able to feel the freedom to travel the world from their armchairs. He has a wonderful way of helping you achieve what you pray for and for that we are all so grateful.
Chris & Margie McClelland
Hay, New South Wales, Australia.

From Don Cooper, Editor, The Hereford Brand, Hereford, Texas, who has won  awards for editorial cartooning, feature writing, page design and political writing:
Congratulations on the anniversary. I'm a native of Arkansas, served as a German linguist with the Army in Berlin during the 60s, author of one published book, "C Trick: Sort of a Memoir," and am presently trying to find a publishing home for a novel, "Slap Happy Arkansas," and "Grandpa's Brogans & Other Writings," a collection of essays/short stories.
Don Cooper,
The Hereford Brand,
Hereford, Deaf Smith County (in the Texas Panhandle).

From King Prune, self-appointed King and Lord Chancellor of Royal Prune University:
We at Royal Prune University are immensely proud and honored to be associated with the first ever multi-national eBook.. It must be GREAT because our good friend Eric Shackle, and his buddy Barry Downs, have something to do with it.
Semper Si! [Translation: Always silly].
King, and Lord Chancellor of
Royal Prune University

Copyright 2001   Eric Shackle   Story first posted December 2001

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