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Extracts from Australian colonial newspapers, with modern links

Upper Hunter Courier, New South Wales, 1871

THEN! This equine sensation is an established fact. We have been honoured by an interview, and must certainly say that it is one of the most remarkable freaks of nature we have ever met.

Its first appearance is provocative of genuine hearty laughter. The animal, which is well-known and not devoid of good points, is entirely destitute of mane, forelock or tail (as far as hair goes). Seen from behind it gives one the idea of a shapely rhinoceros.

Its belly is exactly like so much india-rubber, and the saddle - even when well secured by breastplate, crupper and girths - slips round after a very short time.

It would be curious to know whether the absence of capillary adornment dates from its birth, or is of later occurrence.


 Upper Hunter Courier, New South Wales, 1872

THEN! The hairless horse that has had greatness thrust upon him, is shortly to be exhibited by the same entrepreneur who "ran" Chang (the Chinese giant).

The vicissitudes through which the animal has passed during the past few weeks, since he was first introduced to public notice through the columns of this journal, are worthy of remark.

He was bought for the small sum of 10 shillings, the owner being ashamed of his looks, although as a hack he was worth considerably more.

10 was then asked for him, with no bidders, but the different criticisms put him up in value, until he reached 20, at which price he was for sale a few days ago, when a telegram from Sydney "not to sell till communications were forwarded by post" took him out of the market.

The offer, made by the Sydney agent (which was accepted) would astonish some who look coldly on the unbefriended and hairless animal.

We cannot state the figure, but we may say that a share of him changed hands at the price of a good racehorse, and he is likely to be one of the wonders of the age.


Sharon Herald, Pennsylvania, September 23, 1914

Founded April 14, 1864

THEN! The "hairless horse," one of the feature attractions at the Forest City Fair, North Randall, is be to exhibited at the Portage County Fair at Ravenna (Ohio), which opens today. The animal was purchased yesterday by Claud Reznor, Sharon, Pa., from "Sam" Strong, "Al" Bailey and Charles Clark, Hermit Club members, and will remain at Ravenna until the fair closes Thursday evening. Strong purchased the horse, the only one of the kind in the world, from Thomas Cathan, a farmer living near Gates Mills. More than 8,000 persons saw the animal at the fair last week. Reznor paid $1,000 for the animal.


NOW! See this portrait of a hairless horse


Copyright 2003

 Eric Shackle

Story first posted January 2003

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