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Extracts  from Australian colonial newspapers, with modern links

Bunyip Magazine, Gawler, South Australia, 1868

THEN! An individual at Williamstown, bearing the outward semblance of a man, but having evidently a large proportion of the hog in his composition, recently undertook to eat two juvenile relations in the shape of sucking pigs, for a wager of 1.

The little grunters weighed before being cooked ten and a half pounds, and the old hog demolished them in an hour and twenty minutes, being ten minutes within the stipulated time, fairly cleaning the bones.

As they were fat and rather rich, our hero found it necessary to take a great deal of vinegar towards the close of his meal, and, we are informed, used a bottle full.

As for other fluid, we understand he drank only a single nobbler of brandy.  He soon after was seized with pain, and continued ill for some hours. [Nobbler was an Australian term (no longer widely used) for a small quantity of spirits.]

We are informed that he offered, after having succeeded so admirably with this gastronomic feat. to devour a whole kangaroo dog for a wager of 5.

We should recommend this individual to secure a passage as soon as possible for the Cannibal Islands.


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Copyright 2003

  Eric Shackle   

Story first posted January  2003

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